Picokaiju (ピコ怪獣)

You are one big monster with an appetite for destruction. This turn-based rogue-like PICO-8 game is all about that stomping, smashing, grabbing, and chomping your way through a procedurally generated hapless city and its tiny citizens.

How to Play

This PICO-8 game uses a gamepad that is also controllable via the keyboard.

FunctionKeyboardGamepad (PICO / PS)
WalkArrow keysD-pad
ROAR (skip a turn and heal), Cancel menuZ, N, CO / X
Open abilities menu, ConfirmX, M, VX / Square
Pause, Pico-8 MenuEnterStart


Mobs have a chance to spawn every other turn they are:

  • Civilians Spawn every turn. Scared and immobile protein shakes.
  • Cop Car Deals 1 DMG. Range 1 tile in all 8 directions. Protein shake in a can.
  • Copter Same as Cop Car but flies over buildings except for tall ones.
  • Tank Deals 2 DMG. Range 5 tiles in cardinal directions (Up, Left, Down, Right).
  • Mad Scientist (UFO) Same as Copter but also adds 1 Poison DMG per turn. There is no antidote.


  • To regain energy, first select GRAB in the abilities menu and select a mob to grab, then select CHOMP in the abilities menu to eat the mob.
  • To regain health, use the ROAR button. You start out with 1 hp regen per roar.
  • Points are multiplied by a combo meter. Combo increases if you do several destructions in a row and resets on no destruction.
  • Do hold on to an enemy you've grabbed for a later snack. CHOMP will also increase the combo meter.
  • All mobs may be grabbed and walked on. Even the helicopters and the mysterious mad scientist.


Game design, SFX, GFX and Programming by @spoike. Music is tracked in PICO-8 with following compositions in mind:

  • Opening: A Night on Bald Mountain - Mussorgsky
  • In Game: Alterna (from Shin Godzilla) - Shirō Sagisu
  • Ending: Funeral March - Chopin

Testers: @extarscube, @dlehman, @galactical1100, Gouspourd, FReDs72, Yolwoocle, netpork, Groove,M.D., sourencho, Thombis Falafel, John-Victor Dahl

Noteworthy inspirations for this title are Kaiju/Movie Monster genres and other Gojiralike games such as 7DRL game Chomp! from 2017 and Crush, Crumble and Chomp! from 1981.

Game is also available on PICO-8 BBS.


StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Made withPICO-8
Tagskaiju, Monsters, PICO-8, Retro, Roguelike, Roguelite, Strategy RPG, Turn-based Strategy

Development log


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the world needs more kaiju games :D 


This is very good. Thanks.


one of those Pico8 games that i always end up coming back. The game loop and progression is so addictive


really cool game! combat feels super chunky at satisfying. nice work


Super cool project! Love the art style!


Absolutely love this. A nice mix of strategy and big dumb fun


Great game, well done! Had lots of fun. It's like the turn based version of one of my own! :D


Wow, strong Crush Crumble & Chomp vibes! Even got Night On Bald Mountain for the theme! This is great. <3 :)