The KUCSS (Kalmar Union Cargo Star Ship) Anders Tegnell does not respond to any radio communication and has a collision course towards a colonised planet.

You command a squad of space marines to stop the star ship from causing cataclysmic crash.


Arrow Keys: Move around
Z: Show Cursor / Open Menu (on Selected Squaddie) / Fire (on Enemy)
X: Quick Switch (Click) / Strafe (Hold)

Use the cursor to check stats on the other squaddies and aim on enemies to exterminate.

You can let a squaddie stack up and follow in a line by tapping the shoulder on another squaddie (i.e moving against another squaddie). Tap again to have them wait in place. Moving up against a monster will melee them for 1 hit point.

Squaddies will be on overwatch and do reaction fire on enemy turn if they are waiting.

Do note that if enemies hear shots in close proximity, they will start moving towards where they heard the noise.


Heavily inspired by Space Marines from 7DRL 2020 by AdamAlexandr.

Special thanks to Krystian Majewski's LazyDevs Youtube Channel for the excellent PICO-8 tutorials.

Development log


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I advanced to the 4th or 5th level and the screen stayed like this:

I lost two men just before going down the stair

Did you forget to attach your image? I can't see it.

At the moment there are only randomly generated levels at the moment, so after that it is a final game over with a victory screen. I'm guessing it bugged out?

(1 edit) (+1)

Yes, that was a bug. Fixed it and updated. Thanks for pointing it out. :-)